Tubby Coat-Wearing Motherfucker (ianh_au) wrote in binarion,
Tubby Coat-Wearing Motherfucker

Network Thoughts


OK, here are some thoughts on network.

Colo'ed at 263 will be shaker. Or what may have been shaker at some stage but is now a sexy black 2RU box of some sort.

Also coloed there will be a Cisco of some sort. With two Ethernets and one Serial. The serial connects to a PAPL that goes to our house. Which may be somewhere Eastish. If its somewhere Westish, well, we stick said router at QV.1.

PAPL at the other end plugs into a 2501 or something. Which plugs into a switch. Which has a number of machines (the old shotglass, things like that). Then there's a dual NIC PC... acts as firewall for the workstations.

Cool, nay?

... now I just have to find the house...
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